Committing to #100DaysOfCode

Posted on 17 February 2017

So it’s just over a week that I graduated from General Assembly and now I’m in the position of balancing self learning with job seeking. The temptation to just put my head down and continue learning (the fun part) rather than job hunting is definitely there.

Enter, my plan!

  1. Exercise and maintain somewhat of a regular sleeping pattern!
  2. Make sure I at least write one hour of code for every two hours of reading. This was some really great advice I got from my TA at GA. Both of us have the tendency to read all the documentation before we go to implement something - and then releasing that we didn’t retain as much of the information as we thought we did. So remembering to learn by doing!
  3. Committing to do #100DaysOfCode and talking about my progress on the hashtag as a way to hold myself accountable to this goal. The great thing about the hashtag is that it’s also a great way to talk about code as well as actually doing it.

I’ll also be writing about anything I discover here. So, onwards!